What to change in classrooms?

There are so many things which can be changed in classrooms of 21st century but there are some things which are must to introduce in schools and classrooms. 

Some of these things are:

  1. Personalization: With the rise of technology and gadgets, each and every child has now built his or her own taste,  set of likes and dislikes and personality earlier due to which it is now difficult to teach all of them in a one way at a time. They all need to be handled differently nowadays . Therefore, what teachers can do is to handle each of them separately at the time of work, yet they can give them lectures in a collective way at a time. They do not need to teach them separately. All they have to do is to make lectures enjoyable. They can add videos and pictures to make a topic attractive for students to learn. They can also try to make groups of few students and teach each of them separately. In this way, their work can become easier, but tough as well. 
  2. Technology: Classrooms need change. As the technology and gadgets are rising at pace,  teachers should add technology in rooms. They should allow students to bring a tab in school. They can teach them colouring and topics with the help of tab by downloading and installing different applications in their phones. They can give them different videos to watch for lessons and give them assignments which they have to submit on group. They can use this technology to remain connected and keep the journey of education going on out of the school as well. 
  3. Digital literacy: Teachers and schools should add a subject if digital literacy in all grades in which students should be taught methods to save themselves from cyber bullying, cyber crime and dark web. They should be taught that what should they post on social media. They should be taught ethics and methods to use social media and internet. 

Gardening: Agriculture is important. Greenery is important because it is plants that give oxygen. And oxygen is too basic food for humans and animals. Teachers can teach them about gardening by planting trees, fruits, vegetables and flowers with them. They can tell them about shade plants and technicalities of planting and gardening by involving them. They can tell them about aeroponics farming UAE and hydroponics supplies in UAE to tell them about it so sciences.